Calligraphy Workshop: An Introduction

Calligraphy Workshop: An Introduction


Susan Brand Design’s will be hosting a beginner calligraphy workshop at The Styling Shed. She will be teaching you all the beginner fundamentals needed to get this thrilling journey started; from holding the pen, inserting the nib, to basic strokes. She will take you through the whole alphabet.

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    An Introduction to Modern Pointed Pen Calligraphy

    Susan Brand Design

    22 April 2017

    09:30 – 14:30

    The Styling Shed, Devon Valley Rd, Stellenbosch

    Rhodia paper
    An oblique and straight pen holder
    Nikko G, Hunt 101 & Brause Blue Pumpkin nibs
    Gorgeous black sumi ink
    Coffee & tea
    Gourmet lunch from De Kuipe Bistro

    R 1550

    About Susan Brand Design

    “After completing my BA in Graphic design, I went on few career adventures until I found myself standing before the opportunity of starting my own business.

    My focus lies with wedding stationery and corporate and creative business branding essentially. I’m a watercolour illustrator, with a deep love of brush hand lettering and pointed pen calligraphy, but when it comes to design – the options are endless! I love that I get to experiment with designs, colours, and patterns in both the wedding and corporate world and always look forward to a new creative challenge.

    I believe design affects the way we look at and experience things around us and I would love to make that encounter a more beautiful, romantic and friendly one!”

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