With December at our doorstep, the countdown to Christmas has begun. Soon Christmas decorations will be filling up window displays and Jingle Bells will sound through every shopping mall. With family and friends getting together during this special holiday the pressure is on to create that perfect Christmas ambiance. What you need is a Christmas workshop. Luckily, The Styling Shed has you covered. With our exciting workshops  we lead you through some decor basics for a magical festive holiday.

Christmas time has a very playful side to it as it allows even grown-ups to get a bit silly and creative with the decor and ornaments. You decorate a tree with tinsel and shiny colours, put up bright red socks with sweets in the living room, and you pop crackers for a fun surprise. This is the perfect holiday to let your imagination run wild and test your craftsmanship. Let this festive time inspire you to add your own personal touch to your decorations, creating cherished and sentimental holiday memories with family.

The Styling Shed is all about inspiration and encouraging you to explore your own creativity. With our Christmas workshop coming up in December you will get in touch with your inventive side and learn how easy it is to create your own holiday decor. No need to be a master craftsman. All you need to attend our exciting Christmas workshop are jolly thoughts and a desire to create something beautiful.

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