The Styling Shed as opened its doors to all makers and creative entrepreneurs. It provides a charming space to draw inspiration from, perfect for learning and teaching. However, why did we create this space? Why do we place such an emphasis on creative workshops? And why should you attend these workshops?

Learn a new skill

Workshops allow us to develop ourselves, personally and professionally. After attending a workshop, you will have upgraded yourself to a newer, improved version. You are still you, but with some new tricks up your sleeve, that can make life a lot easier, and more fun.

Think creative

In the process of developing your new skill, you are getting your creative thoughts all riled up and ready for the next inventive task. You will start to think more creatively about your surroundings in general. Friends will be awed by your stylish and inventive insights to daily tasks, making you their new lifestyle-guru.

Networking & Socialising

Attending a workshop gives you the opportunity to do a bit of networking. If you are a creative entrepreneur you get to meet people from the same industry, allowing you to build up your connections. If you are attending the workshop just for fun, you meet people with similar interests and make new friends. It’s a win-win.


Taking part in a creative workshop allows you to take a step back from life, and focus on something new. Of course, you could be doing this to improve your business and entrepreneurial skills, but in the end, it is a day off from work and all the stress. You get to focus on improving yourself while taking part in a fun activity. The perfect therapy for an overworked mind.

Step out of your comfort zone

For many people, signing up for a workshop, means preparing yourself for a new experience. It’s not always easy to go out of your way to enter a new area, with unfamiliar faces and a skilled host inspecting testing your talents. However, it always proves to be such a rewarding process. After your crafty workshop sessions, you receive your complimentary confidence boost – You step out self-assured and confident in your abilities and yourself, which is an essential trait for any creative entrepreneur.

Find your inspiration

Creative workshops are the absolute best remedy for an uninspired mind. Just one creative workshop every few months or so is sure to keep that enthusiasm and inventive imagination on a high.

It’s fun

Let’s face it, taking part in a creative workshop is a fun experience. You get to take part in a creative activity to make something beautiful, and in the process, you meet new personalities who share the same passion as you. What’s not to enjoy?