Who said that a conference must be boring? Instead of hosting the same old, predictable workshop – yawn – why not opt for a creative workshop instead? No one ever said that education cannot be fun, and in the end, it could prove to be more effective than just a regular conference.

Break the ice

It is not uncommon for people to feel out of place at a conference, especially if it is people from different companies or offices. They don’t know each other and they’re not always sure how to start a conversation. Incorporating a creative workshop in your conference is a fun way for guests to get to know each other. Soon they will feel comfortable in each other’s presence. Comfortable guests means an interactive conference.

Get them motivated

A creative conference is the ideal space to get people excited about work. Hosting an entertaining workshop is the perfect solution for a demotivated group. So, gone with the boring conference, and in with the creative, because a motivated group is a productive group.

Show appreciation

Rewarding everyone for attending a work-related event and for taking part in the conference makes them feel appreciated. Ending a conference with a wine tasting or incorporating a creative workshop is a playful way to show your gratitude towards their attendance at the conference.

Connections Connections

A conference offers the perfect opportunity for networking. Be it people from the same office, or people from different companies – when you are at a conference it is likely that you’ll meet people with the same goal or interests as yourself. However, it’s not always that easy to start up a conversation with a stranger. So, give your guests a nudge in the right direction and get them talking to each other, but letting them work together on a creative activity, or adding a tasteful wine tasting to the end of the day.

Let’s play

Let’s face it. Playing while learning, makes the whole educational process a lot more fun. No one wants to yawn their whole way through a lecture, so adding a creative element to your conference might just be what your colleges need to stay awake through the whole event. Also, if you are having fun, chances are you are giving much more attention to the message behind the whole conference. So, make your message heard and host a creative workshop.