November 2016 marks a very special moment for us, as that is when The Styling Shed made its debut as a creative workshop venue. We couldn’t be any happier that our first workshop was a Pink Party workshop, hosted by White Kite Studio‘s Anzel van Biljon.

Anzel hosted her sixth Pink Party workshop for 2016 at our creative workshop venue. This is exactly what we needed to kickstart our creative journey – a group of inventive, talented and ambitious ladies all coming together at The Styling Shed. We are ecstatic about the enthusiastic feedback from all the guests. It has been a huge a motivation for the road ahead. Finally, we can confidently say that we have created a space for makers to draw inspiration from.

So, we have Anzel to thank for bringing this group of super women together under The Styling Shed’s roof. Without her super informative and exciting Pink Party workshop, we wouldn’t have been blessed with this opportunity.

Click here to read Anzel’s blog post about her Pink Party workshop at The Styling Shed.

Photo: Sweet Bloom Photography