We couldn’t resist the urge to spread some Christmas spirit this December. So, we kick started our holiday season with an exciting Christmas wreath workshop.

Getting Creative

We were super amped when planning this workshop. After a long year we felt that we needed to organise a creative workshop – Nothing too challenging, but just the right amount of creativity to get people into the festive spirit. What better way than with a wreath workshop? It can easily be made at home. The ingredients and tools are probably in your garage and garden. Also, it’s fun and it’s pretty. So, who wouldn’t be interested?


So, on the day of the workshop we decided to go for the traditional approach. We welcomed our fabulous guests with a flavoured coffee (Christmas-inspired of course), mince pies and – naturally – some fruitcake. As soon as everyone got acquainted we started serving the eggnog – just to make sure that everyone truly got into the Christmas spirit. If that wasn’t enough to get everyone’s energy up, De Kuipe served a scrumptious summer lunch. So, thank you to their team for the wonderful food.

The Ladies

However, this wonderful day wouldn’t have been successful without our creative ladies. Our merry attendees were super. They were focused on their designs, and quickly grasped the making process. It was lovely seeing friends, and mothers and daughters bond. Whilst, others made new acquaintances on the day.

Marking the second workshop at The Styling Shed, and the first to be hosted by The Styling Shed’s team, naturally this was a very special day for us. We are extremely happy with the outcome. It truly was a marvelous day and we couldn’t have asked for a better group of ladies to attend this workshop. Their super enthusiasm was what truly made this day successful. So, thank you to our first workshop attendees!