With our first bridal bouquet workshop coming up, we thought it would be wise to do a bit of 101 on the bridal bouquet. No, it’s not as simple as just a bunch of flowers tied together with a string – There are a lot of different styles, and methods that goes along with the specific bridal bouquet you want. As Leipzig Floral Design will be guiding our Bridal Bouquet workshop on the 4th of March, we thought we’d share a bit about the different type of bouquets that they have to offer.

The Posey

Probably one of the most well-known bouquet types. This is all your beautiful flowers, tied together with ribbon, into a small round bouquet style.

Posey Bouquet by Leipzig Floral Design

Photographer: ZaraZoo Photography

The Cascade bouquet

Your shower of flowers. A charming selection of flowers that spill over the bride’s hands, and flows downward to create a bespoke bridal bouquet.

Cascade bouquet

Photographer: Jani B Photography

The Pageant bouquet

Similar to the cascade, but a bit more compact. This bouquet style looks lovely resting on the bride’s arm.

Pageant Bouquet

Photographer: Julia Winkler Photography

The Hand-tied bouquet

A lovely, dense bunch of flowers loosely tied together.

Hand-tied bouquet by Leipzig Floral Design

Photographer: Fiona Claire Photography

So, what do you think. Which one would you choose?