Introduction to Modern Pointed Pen Calligraphy

We had our very first calligraphy workshop, hosted by the very popular Susan Brand.

About the Creative Host

Susan Brand, the creative brain behind Susan Brand Design is well known for her beautiful works of modern calligraphy and watercolour illustrations. Brides love her work for their wedding stationery, and creative businesses employ her talents for their business branding. So, naturally The Styling Shed was ecstatic about this workshop collaboration.

Calligraphy workshop stationery

Let’s Write

Susan lead all the creative attendees through each letter in the alphabet, doing demonstrations, and then allowing them practice it on their own. Ending the session by writing their own names.

Calligraphy workshop practice book

The Experience

Practicing modern pointed pen calligraphy is definitely something that takes an extreme amount of focus, especially when still learning. Yet, despite these high levels of concentration, the ladies interacted with one another, sharing their work and making new friends.

Modern Pointed Pen Calligraphy Starter Pack

The calligraphy workshop exceeded our highest expectations, and with all the great feedback we will definitely be collaborating with Susan Brand again. See dates below for more information.


Host: Susan Brand Design
Lunch Catering: De Kuipe Bistro
Venue: The Styling Shed
Flowers and decor: Leipzig Floral Design

Upcoming Workshops with Susan Brand

26 August – Brush lettering with watercolour
30 September – Introduction to Modern Pointed Pen Calligraphy