In the spirit of our third Floral Entrepreneur Workshop we decided to take a moment and look back to our very first Floral Entrepreneur Workshop. Our very first workshop of this series was in January 2017, The Styling Shed was still young, but ready for great creative endeavors. Most of our attendees for this workshop was already established florists, with great experience behind their names, as well as other established wedding vendors. So, Blomboy’s creative session was the perfect session to get them out of their comfort zones and rekindle their inspiration.

These photos specifically cover the session presented by Alwijn Burger from Blomboy. What made this session so fantastic was that he took everyone out of their comfort zones and taught them how to think outside of the box – move away from what Pinterest shows us on a daily basis. He gave them random material to work with and told them to create a bouquet or floral piece for a potential client. It was strange to try and create a beautiful floral piece with only greenery, string, pieces of cloth, tape, and cellophane.

However, the attendees started getting into the creation of their strange floral piece, and played around with their creativity. The end product was marvelous and fun. Blomboy coupled the photo of each attendee’s piece with a compatible inspiring image.


Hosted by The Styling Shed + Leipzig Floral Design

Photographer Angelique Smith

Session hosted by Blomboy

Venue Landtscap