To follow our creative endeavours, our joyful collaborations and our fresh experiences, our visual diary will showcase all our events and invite you to a glimpse into the creative world at The Styling Shed.

Passion and beauty should be part of everyone’s career. So, what better dream to have than that of a floral designer. We are so thrilled to have met all the beautiful and gifted ladies at our second Floral Entrepreneur Workshop.  Their creative minds and fierce desire to be successful in doing what they love is so inspiring, that we cannot wait to share all the photos of their amazing designs. (more…)

October 13, 2017

A Tropical Baby Shower

Beautiful baby shower stationery.

A tropical celebration for Clarita’s very special baby shower. The amazingly talented floral designer, Amanda from Kadou Floral Design, hosted her good friend’s baby shower at The Styling Shed.


September 18, 2017

Coffee Appreciation Workshop

This winter we teamed up with the awesome team of Wings Coffee Roasters, to present a winter-warming coffee appreciation workshop.

Find more information about Wings Coffee Roasters here.