To follow our creative endeavours, our joyful collaborations and our fresh experiences, our visual diary will showcase all our events and invite you to a glimpse into the creative world at The Styling Shed.

In the spirit of our third Floral Entrepreneur Workshop we decided to take a moment and look back to our very first Floral Entrepreneur Workshop. Our very first workshop of this series was in January 2017, The Styling Shed was still young, but ready for great creative endeavors. Most of our attendees for this workshop was already established florists, with great experience behind their names, as well as other established wedding vendors. So, Blomboy’s creative session was the perfect session to get them out of their comfort zones and rekindle their inspiration.


Christmas Wreath Workshop at The Styling Shed

As 2017 drew to a close, it was once again time to get into the festive spirit. What better way, than with a Christmas inspired workshop?


Passion and beauty should be part of everyone’s career. So, what better dream to have than that of a floral designer. We are so thrilled to have met all the beautiful and gifted ladies at our second Floral Entrepreneur Workshop.  Their creative minds and fierce desire to be successful in doing what they love is so inspiring, that we cannot wait to share all the photos of their amazing designs. (more…)